INfuse AX Scanner FAQs

Below are the frequently asked questions for the INfuse AX Scanner.
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INfuse AX Scanner Warranty

Service and Support

  • How do I contact Kodak Alaris for Service?
    • Use the Kodak Alaris support site at  to contact Kodak Alaris. Complete the online Service Request form to obtain an Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) or Technical Consultation.
  • When can I submit a Service Request on the Kodak Alaris support site?
  • How will I know if my Service Request was processed?
    • Shortly after the request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the Kodak Alaris case number and call details or a message indicating that you will be contacted by Kodak Alaris during normal business hours.
  • How soon will a Service Request be processed?
    • Service Requests will be immediately routed to your regional service team for processing in the order they are received.  Service hours are local times for the regional coverage area, Monday - Friday.
  • What information is required on a Service Request?
    • The online form for Service Requests includes fields for required information.

      Serial number: 
      For Advanced Unit Replacement requests, provide the serial number of the KODAK INfuse AX Scanner
      For Technical Consultation requests, provide the serial number issued with KODAK INfuse Management Software  

      K number:
      Leave blank

      Contact First Name

      Contact Last Name


      Postal Code (Partner Location)

      Contact Email address

      Contact Phone Number

      Problem Description:
      For an Advanced Unit Replacement, include a description of the scanner problem along with the Organization ID and Licensing ID for KODAK INfuse Management Software. Refer to the welcome email that you received with the product purchase for this information.
      For Technical Consultation, provide a description of the service you require. 

  • How do I find the Organization ID and Licensing ID if I cannot locate my welcome email?
    • Complete the online Service Request form. In the Problem Description field, indicate that you cannot find your Organization ID and Licensing ID.

Advance Unit Replacement Program

  • What are partner’s responsibilities before completing a Service Request for an Advance Unit Replacement (AUR)?
    • Partners are responsible for performing the following tasks (including maintenance) before submitting a Service Request for an Advanced Unit Replacement:

      1. Replace the Feed Roller Assembly, Separation Roller Assembly, and Separation Pad to resolve issues with jams, multifeeds, or document skew.
      2. Clean the imaging area and transport rollers to correct image quality issues or document jams.
      3. Clean the UDDS sensor to correct multifeed issues.
      4. Inspect the printed barcode before assuming there is an image capture issue.
      5. Verify that network ports are operational when power is applied to the scanner:
        a. Wireless mode – wireless icon is displayed on the Operator Control Panel (OCP)
        b. Wired mode – the LEDs for the Ethernet port (green and yellow) are illuminated when connected to the facility’s Ethernet port.
  • What are the partner’s responsibilities for an Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR)?
    • Partners are responsible for:

      • Packing the defective scanner in the carton and packing materials used to ship the Advanced Unit Replacement scanner.
      • Using the pre-addressed/pre-paid Carrier shipping voucher to return the defective scanner in a timely manner.
      • Completing the Problem Report section of the “Read Me First” document.
      • Installing the following parts from the defective scanner to the Advanced Unit Replacement scanner: Input Tray, USB Cable, and Power Cord.
  • What can partners use if the carton for the Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) is damaged or lost?
    • The partner can complete the online Service Request to request a replacement carton / packing material.

Product Documentation

Technical Consultation Program