i3450 Scanner FAQs



  • What do I do if my scanner is running slowly?
      • Your host PC may not meet the minimum requirements for the scanner. See Appendix A, Specifications, in the User’s Guide.
      • Some image processing functions can reduce scanner speed.
      • Your resolution (dpi) for image output may be too high.
      • Your compression setting may be too low.
      • Your anti-virus software may be scanning all TIFF or JPEG files.
      • Check that you are scanning to a local drive.
  • What do the error codes mean and how do I resolve them?
    • Following is a listing of the error codes that may be displayed in the Function window. When an error occurs, the red indicator will blink and a number is displayed in the Function window.

      For more information please refer to the Section 6 in the User Guide

  • What should I do if my computer does not recognize my scanner?
    • Verify that the USB cable is seated into a USB port on the computer and on the scanner.

      i3200 Scanner connected