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  • How do I install the Alaris Passport Flatbed scanner?
    • Within the packaging received with your Alaris Passport Flatbed Scanner should be a trifold document picturing 5 steps on how to properly install the flatbed onto your S2000 scanner. It is important here that your S2000 scanner remains powered off until all 5 steps have been completed fully, otherwise a ‘Cycle Power’ error may display on the scanner display.


  • What is the purpose of the Auto Color Perfect Page scanner profile?
    • Depending on the user specified color percentage present, the scanner will automatically scan the document as a colored image if the specified color percentage is exceeded, or as a plain black and white image if otherwise. Saving images as colored takes up more file space than regular black and white images. Using this setting can help your scanned images take up less space on your computer automatically by letting you specify exactly how much color on a page should be present for the scanner to save it as a colored image. 


  • Am I able to capture RAW images while Interactive Multifeed Recovery is enabled?
    • Unfortunately we do not currently support the capturing of RAW images while Interactive Multifeed Recovery is enabled.
  • How do I fix the ‘USB Communication Error’ on my scanners display?
    • If you receive this error on your scanners display, there are a couple ways to go about fixing it.

      Note: For general information about checking USB settings in Device Manager, click here.

      1. Check for USB Driver updates: Go to your computer manufacturers service website and navigate to the ‘Drivers’ section. Check to see if there are any driver updates relating to USB connectivity and if so, download and apply those updates.
      2. Disabling USB 3.0 in your BIOS: Look up how to access your computer manufacturers BIOS settings on your computer, and subsequently disable USB 3.0 connections.
      3. Purchase a USB 2.0 Hub: Purchasing a USB 2.0 Hub to put in between the connection between your PC and scanner can also fix this problem.