Capture Pro Extras

Button Mapping Software

Download and run the Button Mapping Tool when you are not able to map a button due to registry conflicts. The installer will unzip the contents to a directory location that you specify. The Button Mapping Tool will check the registry and fix any conflicts that prevent a button from being mapped.

Find and View Installer

Download and run the Find and View installer on any workstation that needs the ability to find and view documents scanned with Capture Pro Software and output in the Document CD format.

Patch Sheet

Download and print Toggle, Patch 2, Patch 3 and T Patch sheets.

  • Download and print Patches.PDF for copies of a Toggle Patch, Patch 2, Patch 3 and T Patch sheets.
  • Download and print TogglePatch.PDF or TogglePatch.doc for copies of a Toggle Patch sheet.
  • Download and print ColorPatch.PDF for copies of the KODAK Color Patch Card
  • If you are using the KODAK Digital Science Color Scanner 3590C, the document ColorPatchdoc.PDF describes how to switch between Bitonal and Color scanning.

Silent Install Files & Instructions

The document Alaris Capture Pro Silent Install Procedure.PDF describes how to modify the specific response and batch file for your specific system configuration.

Download and install Silent Installers.exe to your PC and run it to unzip the contents to a directory location that you specify. Included are the Response and Batch files for common installation configurations of Capture Pro and Capture Pro Network Edition.

WIBU Utility

Download and run the appropriate WIBU installer for your operating system which provides hardware key support for your Capture Pro installation. WkRuntime64.exe (for 64-bit operating systems) WkRuntime.exe (for 32-bit operating systems)

Image Verifier

Download this software to easily verify that the images you scanned using KODAK Capture Software or KODAK Capture Pro Software have not been altered. For effective use, you must ensure that any images you want to verify have been digitally signed by using the Digital Signature output option in KODAK Capture Software and Capture Pro Software.

1) Download the setup program that will install the KODAK Capture Pro Software Image Verifier on your PC.

2) After downloading the file to your computer, double-click on the installer to begin the installation.