S3120 Scanner FAQs

Below are the frequently asked questions for the S3120 Scanner.
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Service and Support

  • What additional security features are in place?
    • One security feature of the S2085f/S3000 Series Scanners is the symmetric encryption of the data encoded in the barcode of the EasySetup sheets. We have taken steps to ensure that the setup data that is encoded in this barcode cannot be extracted.

      The S2085f/S3000 Scanners include a “Single User Mode” that will allow only one host PC to access a scanner over a network connection. If the scanner is set up for Single User Mode, the first PC to connect with the S2000w scanner over a network becomes the single “network owner” of the scanner. From that point on, network ownership of the scanner cannot be cleared or charged without resetting the scanner to factory defaults which requires physical access to the scanner.