Legal Flatbed Accessory Drivers

AC Flatbed Accessory Facing LeftInstalling the drivers from the links on the bottom of this page will install the latest drivers for the New A3 Flatbed Accessory Scanner. The full version of the driver is available for download as well as just an upgrade version.

i1150, i1180, i2000 Series, i2900, i3000 Series, i4000 Series: Microsoft .Net 2.0 and Microsoft Installer 3.x and the i1150/i1180 Scanner Driver version 1.01 or greater, i2000 Series Scanner Driver version 2.06 or greater, i2900 Scanner Driver version 1.01 or greater, i3000 Series Driver version 1.01 or greater and i4000 Scanner Driver version 2.06 or greater.

PS50 PS55 PS80 Picture Saver Scanning Systems: PS50 Version V4.1.2 or greater, PS80 V4.2.2 or greater, PS55 V5.1.0 or greater.

Note: When installing the New A3 Flatbed Accessory drivers for the first time:

  1. DO NOT connect or power on the flatbed to the host PC until the Driver has been installed
  2. DO NOT uninstall the previous Versions of this Device Driver installation if you are just doing an upgrade.
  3. Shutdown all applications, as the PC may require a reboot to finalize the installation. This will ensure Microsoft's plug and play technology will properly recognize the New A3 Flatbed Accessory.

User guides are not installed with the upgrade download, please see the user guide section of this web site for the latest version. The Smart Touch application is not part of this download, only the drivers needed to run Smart Touch are supplied.