i5850S Scanner FAQs

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  • What do I do if my scanner excessively pauses during scanning?
    • Make sure that:

      • the host computer meets minimum requirements for scanning.

      • there is enough free space on the hard disk drive.

      • all other applications are closed.

      • you are using a USB 2.0 connection.

      You can also try changing the scanning options (compression, etc.) in your scanning application.


  • How do I clean the rollers?
  • How do I replace the feed module tires?
    • 1.With one hand, press the locking tabs (one on each side) while holding the lower housing with the other hand. Pull the upper housing up and away from the rollers.


      2.Remove both core assemblies

      3.Replace each tire by sliding the tire off the core.


      4.Install each new tire by gently pulling it over the core. The tires do not need to be installed in any specific orientation. 

      IMPORTANT:Do not overstretch the tire; it may tear.

      5.Replace each core assembly in the lower feed module housing and align the tabs on the upper housing with the slots on the lower housing.


      6.Press the upper and lower housings together until they snap into place.

      7.Insert the pin on the left side of the feed module with the rod (1); align the upper tab with the slot (2); align the pin on the right side of the feed module with the rod (3) and turn the green feed module release knob (4) to reengage the feed module. Verify that the feed module is securely in place and moves freely after you install it.


      8.Close the scanner cover and the printer access cover.

      9.Reinstall the output tray.

  • How often should I clean the scanner?
    • A recommended cleaning sequence includes vacuuming the scanner transport, cleaning the residue from the feed module tires, separation roller tires and drive rollers and cleaning the imaging guides.

      Use the chart below as a guide to how frequently you should clean your scanner.


  • What can I do to help prevent paper jams?
    • Make sure that:

      • all documents meet specifications for size, weight, and type, etc. as outlined in Appendix A, Specifications.
      • all staples and paper clips have been removed from the documents.
      • all rollers and tires are clean and the separation roller and feed module are properly installed. See the procedures in Chapter 7, Maintenance.
      • you check the Maintenance Meters on the Operator Control Panel to see if it is time to change the rollers and/or tires.
      • the leading edges of all batched documents are centered in the feeder so that each document will come in contact with the feed rollers.
      • documents with an unusual texture or surface are fed manually or using another Document Handling setting (e.g., Fragile, Thick, Thin). See the Scanning Setup Guide for the ISIS Driver, TWAIN Datasource or VRS for more information.
      • the gap release toggle switch is not pushed in.
      • fan your documents to aid in document feeding.
      • select Omit Multifeed on the Scanning screen to ignore multifeed detection if scanning documents with a known multifeed condition.

      To remove a document jam:

      • Remove any documents from the feeder area.
      • Open the scanner cover.
      • Locate the jammed document(s) and remove it.
      • Close the scanner cover and resume scanning.

  • What supplies and consumables are available for Alaris scanners?